WALKAWAY Protection For Automotive Financing  


Welcome to the WALKAWAY USA website. Your program is powered by WALKAWAY and this is where you will find information about your coverage and request benefits. Please bookmark this site for future reference.

Benefits only available on new Hyundais financed or leased between January 3, 2009 and March 31, 2011.

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Improve your success as an auto dealer by instilling consumer confidence and reducing buyer apprehension related to uncertainty of the future. With WALKAWAY your customers don't have to be 'locked in' to their vehicle loans.

As a lender you can increase vehicle loan volumes through WALKAWAY financing protection by mitigating risks associated with defaults, collections and repossessions. Ask about WALKAWAY protection for vehicle financing.

As a motorcycle dealer, allowing your bikers to 'walk away' from their loan obligations with no impact to their credit rating means freedom from financial obligations when needed most. That's flexibility, that's WALKAWAY. Ask Us.

Retain existing customers and attract new RVers with a distinct value program that addresses your customers' concerns. If things don't work out as planned customers can return their RV with no impact to their credit or savings. Create a distinct market identity. with WALKAWAY.